Acupuncture For Fibromyalgia

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Acupuncture For Fibromyalgia




Mysterious and severe chronic pain. Exhaustion. Brain fog. Insomnia. Digestive problems. Anxiety and Depression.


If you have fibromyalgia, these are just a few of the symptoms you may be struggling with.


You might feel like you can’t live life to its fullest with your condition.


That pain, fatigue, and depression are preventing you from spending time with family and friends, stopping you from taking the next step in your career, or getting in the way of hobbies and dreams.


You have probably been to numerous doctors and specialists, prescribed numerous medications and supplements, but found little real relief. And you’ve probably had to advocate for yourself along the way.


You may have been told you just have to live with these symptoms, and resigned yourself to a diminished quality of life.


Fortunately, there is hope. You don’t just have to live with it. 


We work with patients like you every day, and help them reclaim their health using the cutting edge, all natural therapy of acupuncture.


Read on to learn more about fibromyalgia and how we can help. 


What is Fibromyalgia?


The causes of fibromyalgia are not well understood. It is diagnosed by symptoms, rather than by laboratory testing; when testing is performed it is usually to rule out other disorders.


The main symptom of fibromyalgia is a heightened sensitivity to pain. Researchers believe this may be due to changes in the sensory centers in the brain that process pain signals from the peripheral nerves, but exactly what these changes are, and why they occur, is currently unknown.


Increased pain sensitivity usually manifests as aching and stiffness of the muscles and joints. This pain may seem to wander from joint to joint all over the body, seemingly at random. 


Other associated symptoms include extreme fatigue, cognitive problems with concentration and memory (“brian fog”), and insomnia or a lack of restful sleep. Digestive problems (such as bloating, nausea, diarrhea or constipation) anxiety, and depression are also common. 


Conventional Treatment for Fibromyalgia


Conventional treatment for fibromyalgia include pain management strategies like stretching, massage and heat for muscle pain, and rest for fatigue. Gentle forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates and tai chi can also help build up endurance and strength. Medications for pain and sleep are often prescribed, as well as antidepressants.


Although all of these treatments can be useful, many patients do not find lasting relief from any of them.


In many cases it may just feel like you and your doctor are just chasing symptoms, without addressing the underlying problem. 


And when it comes to medications, there are often unpleasant side effects to consider. Even over the counter medications like ibuprofen can come with considerable risks when taken long term.


Fortunately, there are drug free solutions that can help with pain, fatigue, and the other symptoms of fibromyalgia.


How Can Acupuncture Help Fibromyalgia?


Acupuncture involves stimulating nerve-rich areas of the skin to stimulate the production and release of natural pain killing substances, such as endorphins and enkephalins. 


Regular treatment with acupuncture has been shown to improve the overall sensitization of the nervous system to pain. 


And acupuncture can promote blood flow in the muscles, joints and skin.


All of this can provide extremely effective and LASTING relief from pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia!


At Inner Alchemy, we specialize in helping fibromyalgia patients take back control of their lives. 


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